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Carlo Gesualdo / Madrigali Libro 5 / Kassiopeia Quintet
Carlo Gesualdo / Madrigali Libro 5 / Kassiopeia Quintet
23,50 €1xCD
Patrick Kosk / Mondweiss
Patrick Kosk / Mondweiss
EAN: 4029455300523
Tuotenro: RZ3005
Lisätty valikoimaan 21.10.2011

Saatavuus: Varastossa

22 €1 x CD
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"Finnish composer Patrick Kosk remains a musique concrete purist, and "Mondweiss" makes the ideal Kosk primer. Beginning in 1981 with the so-so Transmission in a... (system of coordinates), Kosk's ear becomes increasingly cultivated as his imagination cooks up riskier gambits. A set of pieces written in 2005 derive from transformed, spliced and re-mulched recordings of gamelan instruments. The title piece, Mondweiss (2008), deals up an information overload of beautifully framed sounds; then Kosk narrows the aperture, plunging listeners down to the core of what had previously been incidental detail. Exhilarating, passionate music: a welcome antidote to university academic electronica." (Philip Clark, Gramophone)
1. Mondweiß (2007-2008)
2. Das Kästchen und Tripitaka (2005)
3. Angklung & Ice (2004-2005)
4. Distrak - sillalla (1992)
5. La Boite (2005)
6. Transmissions in a... (system of coordinates) (1981)
Säveltäjä: Kosk, Patrick, (1951 -)
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