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Karita Mattila / German Romantic Arias
Karita Mattila / German Romantic Arias
23,50 €1xcd
Süden / Gastón Solnicki on Mauricio Kagel DVD
Süden / Gastón Solnicki on Mauricio Kagel DVD
EAN: 9120010281761
Tuotenro: 0013172KAI
Lisätty valikoimaan 14.3.2012

Saatavuus: Toimitettavissa 1-2 viikon sisällä

22 €1 x DVD
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"111 cyclists reach famed opera house Teatro Colón to welcome Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008), one of the great composers of the 20th Century, who was born in Argentina, but left the country and settled in Germany in 1957. However, his adventurous music remained an inspiration to a number of forward-thinking Argentinean musicians, and in 2006 he returned to Buenos Aires for a Kagel festival, where he was to direct a major concert by the Buenos Aires Philharmonic, but also worked with a group of young and eager musicians advocated to his repertoire, the Ensamble Süden. Filmmaker Gastón Solnicki was on hand to capture Kagel’s visit on film, and the documentary süden chronicles the composer’s efforts in working directly with the musicians as well as reflecting the situation of modern music in Argentina as such. The documentation surprises for its capacity to captivate even those who are not interested in contemporary music." (label info)

Ohjaus Gastón Solnicki.
Kesto 67 min
Maakoodi 0
Kuva 4:3 / NTSC
Ääni stereo / 5.1
Tekstit saksaksi ja englanniksi.
1. Süden (ohj. Gastón Solnicki)
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